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Author Examines the Dangers of Artificial Intelligence Powered Genetic Modification

New science fiction novel follows space traveler in search of a new home  

 GILBERT, Ariz.– Seasoned author Norbert Weissinger has released his newest science fiction novel. “Bardolomy” tells the story of Draedon Ekho, a freighter pilot searching among the stars for a new home after Earth succumbs to war, flooding, and storms.

Draedon finds himself in a world unlike any place he has been before, where he is welcomed by a friendly race of evolved humans engineered by an A.I. Due to its two suns, the planet has a dangerous climate full of storms, torrential rain, solar flares and searing heat which forces the population into underground hibernation for years at a time. Draedon is faced with the challenge of repairing his ship to leave the planet or transforming himself to live among the natives and their terrible secret to survival.

“I found inspiration in ‘Territorial Imperative’ by Robert Ardrey and ‘The Left Hand of Darkness’ by Ursula K. Le Guin,” Weissinger said “those books influenced aspects of building my own world for ‘Bardolomy’”

Weissinger also explores the ideas and ethics behind what it means to relinquish control to an A.I., and questions its ability to acquire ethics.

“An A.I. may be able to prevent wars by modifying our behavior, but at what cost if it cannot develop suitable ethics?” Weissinger asks, “If an A.I. achieved success, when would it know to stop, since it is essentially immortal? Would it continue its tinkering with the human genome, turning our species into a menagerie? If humans cannot agree on ethical standards, how can they impart ethics to a robot?”

Combining philosophical speculation with a gritty survival tale, “Bardolomy” is designed to take the reader on an escapist ride into the future and a man’s search for identity in an age of manufactured humans.



By Norbert Weissinger 

ISBN: 978-1-6655-5077-2 (softcover); 978-1-6655-5078-9 (electronic) 

Available at AuthorHouse, Amazon and Barnes & Noble 



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